Welcome to Lajcripto - create Website to buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) etc instantly online using any API or Service provider of your choice.

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Lajcripto is a multi-language, easy-to-use PHP built Foreign Exchange Content Management System (FOREX-CMS) that enables you to create a full functional and automated/instant digital delivery Foreign Exchange website with basic or zero knowledge of programming Languages. Create Website to buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) etc instantly online using any API or Service provider of your choice.

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Lajcripto Creator Features

Automated Wallet funding through bank transfer

your user can fund their wallet Instantly by making transfer to their unique bank account or using online payment

Custom Service provider or API

You can use custom APIs, supports both GET and POST methods, Custom headers and server side parameters can also be used on API tool.

Automated and Instant Delivering

A fantastic automated and instant digital delivery system that can process transactions and deliver service without your input.

Fantastic User interface (UI)

The script has a fantastic and modern UI, built in animations, loaders and smooth-sweet alert and notifications.

Custom Theme and Color

You can build and install your own custom theme and design, it allows changing of colours with easy colour picker tool.

Multi Languages

Multiples languages can be used, User/Admin can switch between languages with just a click, stores the selected language on user’s browser and load language from the browser any time the user returns to your website for better user’s experiences..

Unlimited Payment Methods and Gateways

The script support different payment methods and different payment gateways, currency can be set for those methods which will be converted to the currency set on the system as default when making transactions.

API Services and Automated API Generator

The script has API service available for your users which will be automatically generated based on services available on the system and it has well explained API documentations for your users and resellers.

Affiliate/Referral program

Each user has unique referrer code and widget, JavaScript and HTML codes are available on your installed portal to display banners that will be uploaded by you for your users to share and paste on their websites or blogs

Admin Panel

A secured back office to manage your website and support unlimited admins' well defined permissions or access for each admin.

Price control

You are at liberty to set your own price discount and commission rates for multi-level users.


The script is responsive to any screen sizes such as mobile, tablet and desktop screens, it can be converted to mobile app.

All-in-One Automated FOREX Portal Creator, Get unlimited license today buy once and run on as many servers as you can... with life time basic support.